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Here is something you don’t see every day when inspecting a home, but it is useful certified home inspections essex county njwhen talking about electrical wiring & construction techniques. In fact, you have to ask, “Why would anyone do this?” How convenient, if you’re in the shower and you forgot to turn on the light. Right?

Obviously not, and we all know that water and electricity don’t work well together; however, someone thought it was a good idea.

The picture to the right shows a light switch in the bathroom inside the shower enclosure!

Electrical Wiring And Your Home Inspection 

Often times, while doing home inspections in Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, you find potential safety hazards in older homes. Modern-day improvements in electrical wiring like GFI’s in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor outlets, prevent the homeowner from being shocked or electrocuted. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlets and breakers are a significant safety improvement.

GFCI protection is required for most outdoor receptacles (since 1973), bathroom receptacle circuits (since 1975), garage wall outlets (since 1978), kitchen receptacles (since 1987), and all receptacles in crawl spaces and unfinished basements (since 1990). (GFCI) electrical outlets and breakers are required in new homes for bathrooms, kitchen countertop outlets, garages, crawlspaces, unfinished basements, outside outlets, swimming pools, etc. They should be installed in older homes as well to reduce potential electrical hazards in wet areas.

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