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High-Quality Sewer Scans For Your Short Hills Property

Sewer scans

Blair Inspection Services, LLC is here to serve clients in Short Hills by offering quality work for jobs like sewer scans. As the preferred resource for professional home inspectors, you'll appreciate our dedication to excellence. Scans for sewers are a vital tool in helping avoid potential backups.

Investing in sewer scans can help property owners avoid expensive problems; this is a cost-effective way to prevent extensive repairs. It's important to point out that as useful as an overall home inspection is, it only covers visible problems and defects, and that excludes sewer lines. A quick test of running water down a drain won't expose underlying issues with the plumbing or sewer.

Protect yourself by knowing what's going on beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. Let our team provide you with the valuable data that only a professional sewer scan can offer.

What Are Sewer Scans?

Like tank sweep inspections, sewer scans must be performed by a company or technician trained, certified, and specializing in this service. Using a fiber-optic camera, a technician runs this through the sewer line for visual access to the inside of the line running from the house to the city sewer at the street.

Keep in mind that issues with the sewer line from your home to the street are the property owner's responsibility. Repairs can be costly but are yours to handle, which is why a professional scan is so critical. While running into existing problems is more common in older homes, the age of the house doesn't matter - no home is immune to the possibility of sewer problems. Be in the know and protect yourself by scheduling a professional inspection and scan service with Blair Inspection Services, LLC.

Issues Sewer Scans Can Catch

What kind of problems can sewer scans detect? Some examples of what our scans may find are:

  • Root Growth & Intrusion
  • Scale Buildup
  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Offset

While the problems found can be repaired, you should be aware of them ahead of time. This can give you leverage in the negotiation of the home buying process or help you decide if you want to move forward in the first place. To schedule sewer scans in the Short Hills area, give Blair Inspection Services, LLC a call today.


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