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Read Testimonials and Reviews For Blair Inspection Services, LLC

AMAZING, George is knowledgeable and professional. Worth every penny.

- Kelvin Polanco |

George did a thorough inspection for the old property. He is very knowledgeable and explained things in details to us. After the inspection, we got a very clear overview of the house condition in every aspect. George is friendly and very easy to work with. I’m so glad that we hired him for the inspection.

- Ruby Jiang |

George is through and detailed, has a lot of experience. He is friendly, explains issues or concerns in great detail. He coordinated the scope and termite tests and sent a detailed report promptly. The whole process was quite seamless.

- Sanjaya W |

Excellent home inspection service (including Radon / termite / oil tank sweep) that gave us confidence about our intended home purchase. Clear description of risks and issues followed up by an extremely detailed report. Would strongly recommend for prospective home buyers in the Millburn area!

- Vishwanath Pai |

George did a strong and thorough job. He was also very responsive with follow up questions and ver professional.

Would recommend him for sure!

- Matthew Weber |

George Blair inspected two properties that we considered for purchase. No stones were left un-turned with George! He was very thorough and his report was well-detailed. Very helpful. George went the extra mile to give us great perspective on his comments. Above all, George is passionate about his work and a terrific person. I highly recommend.

- David Jacobs |

George arrived on time and did a very thorough job. George is knowledgeable and detailed oriented. The report was thorough and well organized. I'm pleased with the home inspection.

- B R |

George is direct and to the point. He is thorough from start to finish and probably does more than required for an inspection. My appointment was on a weekend at 10AM. He had already been there and surveyed the exterior. He even gave advice such as to tell my insurance company that there is a fire hydrant within 200’ of the house to get a discount! Very knowledgeable, answers any questions you have, quick to answer any email and reasonable pricing. In line with the industry I would say, however, I’m sure the majority isn’t as top notch as George is. Don’t go into a purchase blind, and hire someone who is attentive and pays attention to detail.

- Robert Fagan |

George did a buyer's home inspection in advance of us buying our first house. He always answered my texts, calls, and questions promptly, and during the inspection he was patient and thorough, telling us helpful information, letting us ask tons of questions, and answering with candor. George provided a thorough and helpful inspection report to us quickly, and I feel that I could call to ask questions if I ever needed to, and I would trust him to give me honest and helpful feedback. Trustworthy, efficient, and generous with his time. Highly recommend.

- Sarah May Harel |

As a first time home buyer I was very hesitant going into this entire process. The home inspector George kept in constant communication and was extremely understanding even as we ran into some minor bumps with the scheduling on my end.

He showed up early, went through the entire house and prepared a detailed report without to much fluff. Thanks George for the great home inspection.

- Brian S |

George is very responsive and thorough. He arrived early, took his time through the inspection, answered all of my questions, and also explained things I would need to know as a homeowner. Highly recommend!

- Sam W |

My fiancée and I hired George Blair to do an inspection on a lovely home in Belleville that we are interested in buying. He was extremely professional, detailed, and kind. We are first time home buyers and it was clear that he did not take advantage of our years, but instead took the opportunity to teach us as much as possible about buying a home and all of the necessary work involved — specifically in regards to the physical house (as opposed to the financial aspects). We learned about plumbing, wiring, foundations, and much more in just a few short hours. Not only that but his prices were very fair! And he recommended a good Thai place up the street which was delicious. Would absolutely hire again or refer to a close friend.

- Ryan Thieke |

George is knowledgeable, professional, thorough and punctual. He arrived early and started an exterior scan so he already had helpful comments and tips by the time I had arrived. Besides structural knowledge he also was educated on the flora on the property and what could arise as issues in the future. His inspection report was concise enough to review but contained all the necessary information to discuss seller's concessions as well as contact outside professionals to address relevant problems. After his inspection, I felt comfortable moving forward in the process as a first time home buyer and so far so good!

- Jameson Graham |

Knowledgeable, professional and detailed house inspection report.

- Eghosasere Otasowie |

Very professional and knowledgeable. Gave a detailed house inspection report. Will definitely recommend to others.

- Sergei Mellow |

George was incredibly professional and thorough in his inspection of a home we were closing on. Not only does he do an excellent job letting you know of any red flags with a residence, but he is also sure to let you know of important routine maintenance with a home and is a wealth of knowledge for any questions you have. As first time homebuyers, we couldn't have been happier with our choice of a home inspector, and I'd recommend his services to anyone.

- Jason Cepparulo |

Very professional and friendly. He provided my husband and I a detailed house inspection report.

- Egheosasere Mellow |

George was so helpful, and put us at such ease-which was needed since we were first time home buyers!

- Taylor Sugrue |

Terrific experience with Blair Inspection Services. We are conducting a move remotely from out of state, and Mr Blair has been a key part of this difficult transition. He walked us through the steps of home inspection, and then conducted a thorough and professional inspection. Furthermore, his comprehensive inspection report will be a document we continue to reference as it includes useful tips for keeping the house maintained and up-to-date. Thank you!

- David May |

Very competent and detailed with the inspection.Explained all aspects of the inspection. Quality service at an affordable price. I highly recommend them.

- Joanne Calabrese |

George was amazing. He arrived on time and performed a thorough inspection of the entire property, making sure to give me tips as a first time homebuyer on what I should be looking for and how to perform routine home maintenance. He was personable, knowledgeable and engaging. He provided us with confidence to purchase the home knowing what to expect in the years to come. I feel like he went above and beyond in making us comfortable understanding what we need to know about the house. I would definitely recommend Blair Inspection Services to anyone needing home inspection and I would definitely contact him again in the future.

- Alexander Sanchez |

George Blair is Brilliant. 5 stars!
Very thorough, meticulous, an excellent communicator and a treasure trove of knowledge on potential issues with older homes in North Jersey. You can be absolutely confident that he will leave no stone unturned while inspecting a home- which usually is the largest single purchase in a person's life. He will call out all issues - big and small, fixable and walk-away based on facts - all very important especially for a first time home buyer.
George is also very lucid and concise in his Inspection report that engenders confidence to negotiate better on those findings with Sellers. Working with George was a pleasure and I would absolutely recommend George to anyone considering Home Inspection in NJ. Thank you George!
Quick note: Blair inspections doesn't cover Oil Tank sweeps in their Inspections presently but, one can and should always get that done (separately).

- Rahin A |

Blair Inspection services are absolutely fantastic! we could not have been more thrilled/impressed. he was extremely punctual, thorough, professional, patient, detailed, polite, and honest. he personally walked me through, and talked through every single item in their detailed inspection report. This included the various solutions to items found.

- Tom |

George was very professional and very thorough taking the time to explain what he was looking at and why. Would highly recommend.

- Seth Kallin |

We're so grateful to have found George to inspect the home we are in contract to purchase. He is super friendly and puts you at ease, but also very professional and honest. We spent three hours with him investigating every part of the house and learned so much about it from him. We highly recommend George and his services!

- Allison Cannarsa |

George is thorough, efficient, and honest. I fully trust him with the results of my home inspection.

- Ken Stanek |

I am forever grateful for Blair Inspection Services! George helped me through a inspection of an older estate sale home when I was trying to quickly settle my young family. He highlighted important and potentially costly issues in the home and ultimately saved me from buying a money pit. What is special about George is not only his thorough inspections but that he goes beyond the job to highlight and teach you about attributes of your home such as rare trees species, or aggressive plant varieties that need to be taken out if near your home. He is fun to be with, intelligent, and personable!
I highly recommend him!

- Alicia Humphries |

Blair Inspections Services offer an exemplary service. George is professional, purposeful and personable. His inspections are thorough and efficient. George shows up on time or early and gets straight to the job at hand. His reports are easy to read and concise. Working with Blair Inspection Services is exactly what you want in a home inspector. Highly recommended.

- Zachary Kanapkey |

Highly recommended! Super thorough and knowledgable. I really appreciated that he answered all of our questions, especially as a first time home buyer.

- Gianna C |

George , was amazing very thorough .He even took the time out to teach me about the things he was looking for ,why it was important . I am enchanted with his work will be referring him to others ,absolutely worth the every cent.

- Diana Jaquez |

George was a thorough inspector and would recommend him without hesitation. He was very knowledgeable about even the seemingly minor details of a house and recommended fixes to our potential house that weren’t necessarily inspection issues but would be useful improvements. He sent his detailed and user-friendly report the next day. He was also the only inspector I called when setting up an appointment where I was able to speak with the actual person performing the inspection.

- Laura Movva |

George was a pleasure to work with as he provided great insight about the house and gave thoughtful recommendations. I would advise others to use his services as part of their home buying experience.

- Joseph Ponessi |

Incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful! I would definitely recommend George for your next home inspection!

- Rick Fortunato |

We are so glad that we chose George to do the home inspection. He was very thorough during the inspection and ensured that every part/feature of the house was inspected when he was there. George also sent a detailed report that has allowed us to go back to the sellers and have them look at things that required attention. Very reasonable price too. Highly recommended!!

- Vivek Viswanathan |

George was wonderful - professional, thorough, and reliable, and very happy to go into all the technical details when I asked questions. He was also incredibly prompt in all aspects, from setting up the inspection to delivering his reports. I would highly recommend him and his services.

- Marlee Newman |

I would highly recommend him. Very professional, honest and knowledgeable.

- Monica Serna |

George was very thorough in his inspection, making sure to check every part of the house, and going over his findings with me. His report was very clear and concise, and he sent it over to me the day after the inspection. Very thorough and reliable, I would highly recommend him and his services.

- Max Skula |

George Blair made sure that all inspection details were covered even though the sellers were trying to speed him up. He also kept in contact with us to make sure that his discussion points were addressed.

- Roger Skula |

George was outstanding! He did not only do a great job, but he made sure to share his charismatic vibes. I highly recommend his inspection services.

- Isis Coto |

Exceeded my expectations. George answered all of my questions, pointed out issues I never would have noticed, made valuable recommendations, and communicated everything very clearly.

- Landon Sullivan |

George was extremely knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. His turn around time for the inspection report was great, 24 hours in our case. We are first time home buyers and George was very easy to talk to and helped address any concerns we had regarding inspection. I would highly recommend using Blair Inspection Services

- Inna Mesh |

George was full of knowledge and made sure I understood everything he was talking about. It was great to have him guide me through the process of making sure I was aware of the negatives as well as all of the positives with the home.

- Haji Glover |

George was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated the attention to detail. He was on time, and was methodical in his assessment. I will use George again!

- Sun Shine |

george was great help. had to come a bunch of different times. really works with you and helps you understand the process.

- Carlton Ebneth |

George was great he is very thorough and was able to give me the report very quick.

- Shaya Silberstein |

George was so helpful from start to finish. He was extremely thorough and sent the report the next morning. He answered all my questions, which I appreciated as a first time homebuyer. Would highly recommend and would definitely use again!

- Stephanie Anastasio |


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