Japanese Knotweed in NJ?

NJ Home Inspections and Plant Life

beware of Japanese Knotweed in NJ
NJ Home Inspections: Invasive Plant Japanese Knotweed

With homes, most people give very little thought to the bushes, trees, and weeds around their house. In some cases, a home inspector may say “the tree leans too much”; “some of your tree branches need to be trimmed”; “your bushes need to be 18 inches away from the foundation-walls to better support ventilation” … and on it goes. All good points, but the fact is some plant life can be hazardous to your home. For instance, beware of Japanese Knotweed in NJ, it is classified as an invasive plant species.

Sure, bushes & trees should never be too close to your home. If so, you run a risk that roots will grow under a foundation causing various potential problems. If plant life issues are an issue where we inspect a home, we intend to report about it. 

What About Invasive Plant Species And Your Home

Through years of knowledge, experience, and seeing unusual things, I can help point out the issues > such as with invasive plant species < that other inspectors have no knowledge of.
Everyone has seen Japanese Knotweed in NJ, but 99% of us don’t know what it is and how difficult it can be to remove. Above is a local picture that was taken in Essex County’s own South Mountain Reservation recently. 

You can Google ‘Japanese knotweed’ and read up for yourself. This weed is next to impossible to eradicate. I have first-hand knowledge of dealing with it for 5 years in my own yard … so far!! This is something I look for during Essex County and surrounding NJ area home inspections, amongst other things…because “I’ll treat your home like it’s mine!”

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