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certified home inspections essex county njWhat is knob and tube wiring? Just as the name suggests, there are 2 parts. The knob is porcelain part sticking out of the side of the joist and the tube are the porcelain connectors that run through the joists. Electrical wires were distributed through the house around/through these connectors. Knob and tube is considered a safety issue and most insurance companies will refused to insure a house with knob and tube.


This was the first type of wiring in houses and was replaced in the late 1920’s. This type of wiring is not recommended for modern homes. It can not be safely used with 3 prong plugs. Most insurance companies demand removal. Through years of experience, I have an eye for discovering k&t and various shortcuts that have been utilized in houses with k&t still in use today.

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Often times, while doing home inspections in Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, you find potential safety hazards in older homes.

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