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Radon Inspections Essex County NJRadon is an odorless, invisible, tasteless gas that exists in nature and tends to collect in pressure vacuums, which are created by basements. Protect your family by knowing the radon levels of your house prior to purchase with our extensive Essex County NJ Radon Inspections. According to the EPA, Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US (behind cigarettes) and kills 21,000 people annually. For non-smokers, it’s the leading cause of lung cancer in the US. According to the EPA 1/15 homes in the USA has elevated levels of Radon. You can learn more about radon is this EPA published guide.

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We bring a detail-oriented, educated, smart and experienced approach to all our Essex County NJ Radon Inspections. With years of experience, including owning, selling homes and working in construction – Blair Home Inspections has an excellent eye for the mechanics of and for inspecting your home. We also offer the Millburn area professional Termite Inspections, Pre- Purchase Inspections, Pre-Rental Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, Condo Inspections, Townhouse Inspections, and Light Commercial Inspections. You can check out a sample of one of our extensive home inspection reports here.