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oil tank inspections essex county nj

Blair Inspection Services recommends and can help to conduct a Buried Tank Sweep, and/or an Oil Tank Inspection. Based in Millburn NJ, we can add a tank sweep to your home inspection, or conduct it independently. We offer inspection packages that can save a potential homeowner both time and money. Essex County NJ Tank Sweep and Oil Tank Inspections are recommended in older homes that were converted from heating oil to natural gas. Often times, oil tanks are buried under driveways or front lawns, leaving them susceptible to time and water, which degrade the tanks and they rust and release oil into the soil. The results can be a potentially large environmental hazard with significant cleanup costs. If the new buyer overlooks/ ignores this hazard, this potential hazard becomes the new homeowner’s responsibility.


Locating Buried Oil Tanks in Essex County & Surrounding Areas of NJ

To locate potential buried oil tanks, we offer tank sweep plus buried tank inspection services. During our regular home inspection we perform a visual inspection in accessible areas of interior, look for oil tank caps, fill pipes, vent pipes, copper lines or remnants of copper lines in a basement wall, floor and check any other possible signs of a previous oil tank. After visual inspection is complete, industry-standard metal detectors are deployed to scan the accessible area and mark any high levels of metal detected. The area is then probed to determine if it is metal and then marked for removal, based upon findings.

It is in a buyers’ best interest to have Oil Tank Inspection performed at the time of a home inspection, particularly in older homes. Give us a call, happy to discuss an Oil Tank Inspection for your home.


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