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Frequently Asked Home Inspector Questions - Answered By Blair Inspection Services, LLC

Q. What Types Of Inspection Services Do You Offer?

A. Here at Blair Inspection Services, LLC, we offer a wide variety of high-quality inspection services to fit a variety of needs. In addition to our standard home inspector services, we also help with Radon inspections, termite inspections, light commercial inspections, tank sweep inspections, and we even offer drone inspection services to more easily inspect hard-to-get-at areas of your property.

Q. Why Do I Need To Consider A Termite Inspection?

A. Termites can pose a major threat to the integrity of your property, especially when they're left to their own devices. When you're buying a house, looking to sell one, or you notice signs of termites in your home, taking the time to have a termite inspection performed can save you a lot of potential headache in the long run and help to prevent extensive damage to your property.

Q. How Do Your Drone Inspection Services Benefit Me?

A. When it comes down to it, drone inspections are one of the safest inspection methods out there. By removing the need to enter potentially dangerous scenarios, companies can save a great deal of money, which they can then pass on to their customers. Especially in the commercial realm, constructing scaffolding to allow a manual inspection can be expensive, which can be incredibly frustrating if your inspection doesn't reveal anything that needs to be fixed. With drone inspections, however, scaffolding will not be needed, which could wind up saving thousands of dollars and a great deal of time.

Q. Do You Offer Commercial Inspection Services?

A. Absolutely. Here at Blair Inspection Services, LLC, we offer a range of commercial and light commercial inspection services for commercial property owners in the area. If you're looking to convert an old building into housing units, a retail space, or a combination of retail and living spaces, our team of skilled home inspectors in Short Hills can help.


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