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Flipped Homes – Beware Of Deferred Maintenance

Flipped Homes – Beware Of Deferred Maintenance

Home improvement shows on TV have captured our imagination over the years. We’ve all seen the beautiful transformations of old houses into modern gems and the “flippers” making money in the process. What we don’t always see with these flipped homes are the compromises or the expensive “deferred maintenance” items that have been ignored or glossed over.

This is a picture of the water main coming into the house in the basement from the street. It’s 100 years old, there is no shutoff valve, it has rusted, and it leaks.

The walls, floor, and baseboards have all been replaced, but they will all have to be redone again if the water main fails and the new owners can’t get the water turned off in the street quickly.

Through years of experience, I’m able to see some of these issues and shortcuts that easily get missed.

Blair Inspection Services is Here to Help

Often times, while doing home inspections in Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, you find potential safety hazards in older homes. Let Blair Inspection Services – a certified, experienced home inspector – guide you through some of the often subtle issues of buying a home. We also offer tank sweeps, radon inspections, termite inspections, and light commercial inspections.

Contact George Blair who ‘treats your home, like it’s mine’!


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