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Oil Tank Removal NJ

Oil tank removal nj

This is a picture of a 1000-gallon oil tank. Fortunately, this one was not rusted and was removed without problems. Oil heating was primarily used in Essex County for heating houses. Most houses were refitted with natural gas in the 1970s. In and around Essex County there are numerous houses with oil tanks still in the ground.

Often times, oil tanks are buried under driveways or front lawns, leaving them susceptible to time and water, which degrades the tanks and they rust and release oil into the soil. The results can be a potentially large environmental hazard with significant cleanup costs. If the new buyer overlooks/ ignores this hazard, this potential hazard becomes the new homeowner’s responsibility.

Ask Blair Home Inspection Services About Your Home’s Tank Removal Needs Today!

Often times, while doing home inspections in Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, you find potential safety hazards in older homes. We can add a tank sweeps to your home inspection or offer it independently!

Let Blair Home Inspections – a certified, experienced home inspector – guide you through some of the often subtle issues of buying a home. Contact George Blair who ‘treats your home, like it’s mine’!


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