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Roof Experience – Does My Roof Need Replacing?

Roof replacement

This is a question that I usually don’t like to answer, but sometimes it’s obvious. A home inspection reports on the “mechanical, structural and safety” deficiencies of a home but not on cosmetics. If a roof appears old and isn’t leaking, it’s a “deferred maintenance” issue.

However, with this roof, there appear to be 3 layers of shingles, including a barely visible green one in the upper right corner (most towns allow only 2 layers of shingles). There have been numerous attempts to patch the roof over decades, and it’s clearly time for a replacement. Through years of experience, I’m able to see some of these issues and shortcuts that easily get missed.

Blair Inspection Services is Here to Help With Roof Inspections & More

Often times, while doing home inspections in Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, you find potential safety hazards in older homes. Let Blair Inspection Services – a certified, experienced home inspector – guide you through some of the often subtle issues of buying a home. We also offer tank sweeps, radon inspections, termite inspections, and light commercial inspections.

Contact George Blair who ‘treats your home, like it’s mine’!


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