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Structural Issues and Obsolete Wiring in Maplewood, NJ

Structural issues plumbing toilet maplewood nj

There's an old axiom from house framers that is so poignant and true. It says "nothing strikes more fear into a framer than a plumber walking by, with a Sawzall"...

It is truly amazing what some plumbers will do to accommodate a fixture. Here is a picture of a toilet installation. The plumber cut through a main support in the house.

Structural issues are extremely important when considering the purchase of a house. Through years of experience, these are the sort of issues I can detect. Structural issues can cost thousands to fix, if at all!

Obsolete wiring maplewood nj

In addition, this house had knob and tube wiring (K+T). K+T wiring was the first form of wiring that was used in houses until the late 1920's. It is obsolete and considered a safety issue. Most insurance companies will not insure a house with K+T and will insist on removal. K+T removal is not difficult, just messy (since holes need to be cut in plaster walls and fished through flooring) and expensive depending on the extent of wiring in the house. Here is a picture of an old "fuse panel" that is a sure-tell sign, there is K+T in the house.

Maplewood Structural Issue and Obsolete Wiring Photo Gallery


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