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Chimney separating from a house

Here is something you don’t see every day when inspecting a home, but it is useful when talking about build & construction techniques. Most people do not realize that chimneys and houses are built independently of each other. This picture shows an 1800’s NJ home with 3 fireplaces that was destroyed by a recent hurricane/storm.

There is a cement mixer and construction vehicles in the foreground and the chimneys in the background of this picture. It shows new framing for a first floor being rebuilt around the original chimneys. 

Chimneys And Your Home Inspection  

Often times, while doing home inspections in and around Essex County and surrounding areas of NJ, I see a chimney that is slowly moving away from the house. I am often asked, “Is this important, can’t you just re-attach the chimney to the house?” The answer to these questions is “No!”  
But there are ways to straighten out and also reset an old chimney. And while it depends on the home and the specific circumstances, it helps to have experience when inspecting homes and the situation with old chimneys.

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